Divided We Fail: Improving Completion and Closing Racial Gaps in California Community Colleges

The report highlights the urgent need to improve student outcomes in community colleges, particularly for African American and Latino students. By Colleen Moore and Nancy Schulock

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Developmental Course-Taking and Academic Outcomes in California to Date—and Looking Forward

Mary Perry, EdSource & Patrick Perry, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, conducted a study of developmental education policy and practice in California.

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What Degrees Should Mean

What should a college graduate know and be able to do?

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The Heart of Student Success

Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE) 2010 National Report

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One Shot Deal

Do students prepare for the assessments, and, if so, how? How do students describe the course placement process and its impact on their educational goals and achievement? How do counselors and matriculation officers describe counseling-related programs and policies? Read about the findings and recommendations from a study of students’ experiences with assessment and placement practices […]

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More Than a Paycheck

Interesting article by Mike Rose from Inside Higher Ed Please discuss article with your colleagues on campus.

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